An immersive CGI showing the expected final building design erected in the countryside, with a highland cow grazing nearby.



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Located on the Isle of Arran, the brief for this private residential project was to create a dwelling that was of significant architectural design whilst being suitable for a family who have long been residents on the island.


The proposal was designed to maximise the scenic views that the site offered; these influenced the chosen positioning and orientation of the house. 


Whiting Bay, Isle of Arran







We wanted this design to read as a stand-alone piece, rather than a continuation of the cluster of buildings to the north.

Using the natural topography of the site, the intent is to create the appearance of a building modest in scale which is sensitively integrated into its landscape.


Considering the visual impact on approach from the road in both directions, the chosen option for where the building would sit on the site strikes balance between good siting, low visual impact and reduced flood risk. We also prioritised maximising solar gain with the east-west orientation.


A key consideration for this project was to create spaces in which the views, landscape and fresh air can be enjoyed from covered and sheltered spaces, both internally and externally.

Sketches for Largymenoch describing rationale for design decisions, in pale duotone.
Sketches for Largymenoch showing various options for the roof of the building, in pale duotone.

Materials and finishes

Our final material choices were influenced by the local vernacular, specifically the agricultural buildings in North Ayrshire, including light and dark grey zinc, dry stone and black breeze block.


We proposed using traditional construction as a base material on which the building sits.

A site drawing for the Largymenoch project, showing the surrounding landscape, in pale duotone.
Site drawing showing current landscape and building once project is complete, as estimated, in pale duotone.


We used our knowledge of North Ayrshire Councils’ planning design guidance documents and design principles to create a home that is of high quality, contemporary, sensitive and employs sustainable solutions.


The finished design is a family home that has a strong connection with both the landscape and the water.

An immersive CGI showing the expected final building design erected in the countryside with a view out to the sea.

Project team

Staff member working over a computer in Denham Youd offices.

Steven Denham

Founder and Managing Director

Staff member laughing during conversation with a colleague in Denham Youd offices.

Colin Reynolds


Project collaborators

Dalgety Design

3D Images

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