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We believe in creating spaces for people to realise their potential.

Planning a brighter future through carefully considered design.

With a conscious sensitivity to the environment we occupy, we focus on contributing to improved accessibility, positive economic development and a greater sense of community.


We position ourselves as partners, thriving when designing buildings together with our clients and collaborators by listening to their ambitions, discovering their needs, and exceeding their expectations.


We're committed to designing solutions that are right for our clients, not us. Helping people realise their vision while increasing the longevity of local communities through responsible design.


Our coastal location gives us space and perspective to be present and forward-thinking, from research to understanding and designing. In our studio, all perspectives are welcome and every opinion counts.

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We're proud of our Ayrshire roots, which is why we take an active interest in contributing to our local community and helping our clients do the same in theirs.

We are passionate about designing future-facing spaces with the potential to boost the economy across Scotland and beyond.


Having designed Unity Grill in Ayr, and Ayr United Football Club's improved supporters' facility, Somerset Hub, we are driven by the potential impact that community buildings can have on their users. Not only do these projects bring life to the surrounding environment and streetscape, but they also generate local employment and add value to the community. Similarly, we've contributed to creating jobs within our own business by employing a highly skilled workforce native to our local and surrounding areas.


We care about all of our projects having a similar impact further afield.

The future of our industry is constantly evolving and we are committed to adapting to it by setting and reviewing sustainability targets and initiatives.

We are members of the Passivhaus Trust and are currently working towards helping our senior architects to gain accreditation as Passivhaus Designers.


This will give us the capacity to knowledge-share at an even higher level with our clients, advising how their projects could become more sustainable and contribute to the circular economy.


When it comes to impact on the environment, we are eager to acknowledge that we are on a journey of self-improvement - which we note will be ongoing - but we are committed to staying informed and doing all we can to promote a healthier ecosystem for all.

We champion equal pay, clear advancement opportunities and flexible schedules to show that working in the field of architecture can allow a healthy work-life balance for everyone - no matter their age, ethnicity, gender or circumstances.

At the moment, just over 35% of our team are female. We're aware that when it comes to diversity in our profession, women can commonly be under-represented. We strive to be at the forefront of equality and diversity.


We believe providing opportunities for all to lead is the best path forward for promoting career fulfilment and providing a secure future for our business and employees. In addition, we recognise the importance of offering a supportive environment for talented young architects which is why we run an ongoing graduate apprentice scheme. We pride ourselves on operating with a particularly open design process that allows everyone the chance to make meaningful contributions to the projects.

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Denham Youd shows a continued strive to improve, most recently by investing in a refreshed and contemporary brand identity.

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