A sunny photograph of Unity Grill from outside looking in.
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Sandgate, Ayr


Unity Grill





We were asked to be a part of designing Ayr’s first social restaurant, Unity Grill, where the concept is to provide a “welcome table, delicious food and community spirited sharing.”

The design concept was proposed to find a solution that would be cost effective to build with the use of reclaimed scaffold boards and pallets, but also would allow a simplified construction process that would empower the community to get involved. We worked alongside our client and partner Ashleigh Construction for contractors experience, pulling our community resources together to reach the desire outcome.


The final proposal aimed to repurpose the previous shop unit to feature a restaurant, bar and kitchen area that would see 100% of the profits used to challenge food poverty and hunger.


The previous existing elevations were looking tired, patchy and in need of updating, with the previous dark red colour being considered too oppressive and detracting from the architectural details of the building. We opted for a lighter monotone colour to enhance the details and soften the facade; the finished unit now sits subtly between the surrounding businesses.

A photograph showing customers enjoying the buzz at Unity Grill.

Materials and finishes

Our use of natural and upcycled materials such as wooden palettes contributes to the unique and contemporary design of the restaurant whilst maintaining brightness and street frontage within the existing space.


The external elevation was painted from red to light grey to brighten the frontage and enhance the existing architectural details and character of the building, providing a light, bright and luxurious finish.

A photograph from inside Unity Grill, showing a customer sitting outside enjoying the sunshine.
A photograph showing the delicious food options at Unity Grill.


The completed design brings life back into a previously unoccupied corner of a prominent street within the town of Ayr. Whether the sun is shining or it’s pouring with rain (we are in Scotland after all!) the brighter frontage reflects more light and compliments the neighbouring buildings.


We are proud to have been a part of this community project and are delighted with its continued success.

Render image showing the proposed building lights for Unity Grill.
Render image showing the interior of Unity Grill, including the overhead light positioning.
Members of the community chipping in to constructing the Unity Grill project, in light green duotone.
Render image showing the interior of the Unity Grill project.
A sunny photograph of Unity Grill from outside looking in.

Angela Iver

Unity Grill

Being completely new to a project on this scale, I found the support and professionalism of the team at Denham Youd invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend them!

Angela Iver

Unity Grill

Project collaborators

David Barbour


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