Photograph showing the Lagg Bonded Warehouse from the rear, including the surrounding landscape.
Lagg Bonded Warehouse



7 Wellington Square



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Isle of Arran


Isle of Arran Distillers





We designed bonded warehouses for the site of the new distillery on the Isle of Arran for our client to use as a means of maturing Lagg whisky.

Isle of Arran Distillers asked us to incorporate a cask filling station and ensure adequate space to allow them to store casks for the cask society.


An important factor in the design process for this project was the siting of the warehousing. We used the site topography to utilise the lowest plateau, minimising the height and visual impact from the road. This consideration aims to not detract from the new distillery building or the natural landscape and surrounding scenic views.


The security lighting for the bonded warehouses takes the form of low impact downlighters, minimising the impact of light pollution. Similarly, the use of structure planting and topography will serve to conceal the lighting at night.

Photograph showing inside the bonded warehouses, featuring multiple whisky barrels.
Photograph showing vehicle access to the Lagg Bonded Warehouse project.

Materials and finishes

The materials were chosen to blend into the natural environment and the cladding design echoes the form of the distillery building and surrounding local landscape.


The cladding treatment also fragments the mass of the warehouses, with the introduction of a complimentary two-tone geometric pattern that echoes the roof shape of the nearby distillery building.

Drawing to show how materials were used on the Lagg Bonded Warehouse.


As part of the larger Lagg Distillery project, this building was completed in June 2019 and has attracted various award nominations. It continues to attract interest from visitors travelling across the globe and is fast becoming one of the best-known buildings on the Isle of Arran, much to our clients' delight.


Project team

Staff member working over a computer in Denham Youd offices.

Steven Denham

Founder and Managing Director

Staff member considering material choices during a client meeting in Denham Youd offices.

Chris Youd

Architect Director

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