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Our clients Arran Development Trust aim to address the shortage in affordable housing on the island, providing general needs housing for working families. The development comprises 18 1½ storey dwellings of differing sizes. These homes will contribute to sustaining the island community throughout the seasons.


Rowarden lies directly to the west of a well residential area of Lamlash; established housing developments already exist in neighbouring area and our proposal provides a continuation of this residential pattern.


Rowarden, Isle of Arran


Arran Development Trust





Having areas of public amenity space within the development are of paramount importance to the success of the development.

The design process was shaped by several challenges including the existing site topography, ground conditions and services. The site is located on the edge of the town and is bound on one side by existing neighbouring properties, therefore it was important to take cognisance of this when considering the site layout and landscaping design, as well as ensuring the site offers a transition between the built up areas and the countryside.


The integration of amenity spaces such as the community trail with woodland planting on the eastern side, the central shared amenity space and the community garden all contribute to the permeability of the site and reinforce its community values. All these green spaces are linked via the network of paths, to ensure that each of the properties is closely integrated with the landscape.

Shared Space
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Materials & Finishes

The materials reflect a rural Scottish aesthetic with a contemporary feel. The proposed external wall material palette consists of a combination of corrugated metal, pre-stained pine cladding and render, whilst the proposed roofing material is standing seam or sinusoidal profiled metal. Feature walls are proposed as boundary treatments in key parts of the site where an enhanced visual amenity is required.

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The project is taking some positive steps forward as it progresses towards the construction phase. We were inspired by Arran Development Trust’s ambitious vision to provide much needed affordable housing on the island. The design responds to both the nature of the existing site and existing context, through the storey heights, materiality and considered landscaping.

Project Team

Staff member considering material options during a conversation with a colleague in Denham Youd offices.

Chris Finlay


The managing director having a conversation with a client in the office.

Steven Denham

Founder & Managing Director

Project Collaborators

Quantum Solutions

Project Management & Quantity Surveyors 

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M&E Consultant 

Sheena Borthwick-Toomey

Arran Development Trust

The team at Denham Youd are innovative and entrepreneurial in their outlook, taking the local environment and the community as a starting point

Sheena Borthwick-Toomey

Arran Development Trust

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